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The Denver Interactive Timeline’s mission is to provide a comprehensive list of resources and information about Colorado History to make lesson planning and further teaching on the topic easier for teachers across the Boulder Denver Area. We hope that this site can be a fun and interactive resource for your classroom!

Our Curriculum Goals

Comprehensive - We want to address an inclusive and full history of Colorado that includes untold stories of underrepresented groups.

Localized - Bringing a local tone to our project so that students may connect with it more deeply.

Collaborative - Bringing in local teachers and educators to help us BUILD this project catered to their needs and wants for the classroom.

Inspiring - We want our website to encourage more knowledge and inquiry about the state of Colorado more specifically the Denver/Boulder area.

ImmersiveWe strive to bring a modern edge to our software, SEO/aesthetics, and user experience in order to encourage a more interactive and enjoyable
experience for students, as well as something more modernized than other Colorado resources.

Culturally Compelling - We want students to connect and relate to their Colorado culture and the stories of those before them.

Embracing Perspective - We want students to learn the multiple perspectives of Colorado's history and be able to discover for themselves how each of these perspectives brings Colorado a rich story.

Encourage independence - Through using the powerful stories from Colorado’s past, we hope to inspire the next generation to also strive to make our state a better place. 

Find Your Story

One way that our team is trying to create new learning experiences for students in our community is by highlighting stories that aren't often told in the traditional classroom curriculum. We have made a list below of inspiring stories of Coloradoans that can be used by teachers or students to connect with those who had similar experiences or backgrounds growing up in Colorado and do amazing things! Check out the list below to discover these stories.

Teacher Resources

Thank you for choosing The Denver Interactive Timeline as a classroom resource. We are happy to provide local schools with this free resource to keep Colorado history interactive and fun! Below you will find ways to incorporate our website into your classroom curriculum. We have provided activities, guiding questions, and more.

Here is a worksheet document that can be used in class to guide learners through the website content. The link is below.
Worksheet Doc Here


Howdy Partner! 
Have students pair up in groups of two. Once paired, ask them to share their favorite fact they found on the website. Have the two students write down their partner’s facts on a piece of paper and hold it with them until class discussion time. Once the class is finished and in the larger group, call on a student to share what their partner's favorite part of the website was.

Other Resources

We don't claim to know it all! We have also made a list of resources that can be used to dig further into topics that we discuss in our presentation. We hope that as educators you can use our site to discover where to find valuable information about our state’s history and to create a hub for reliable knowledge. 

Colorado Encyclopedia -  
History Colorado -

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